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Real Santa At Home

2018-12-28 22:55 , Homesick at Home, 2895

Real Santa At Home

It's been a great year full of new friendships, joy, laughter and tears, emotions and achievements at our sweet HomeSick at Home. We always miss it during our winter breaks, and look forward to welcome many good people at Radio Van’s cozy studio. Tonight was our last episode of 2018, which made us both proud and a bit sad. Our guests where young, talented and beautiful Gagach (vocals) and Areg (acoustic guitar), performing Christmas songs live on air. They filled the show with their confident and sunny spirit representing the best of the new generation and symbolizing new hopes, expectations, opportunities and success in this coming year. We enjoyed a true holiday atmosphere thanks to the coolest, cutest and the most amazing Santa - Aramazt Kalaijian - our great friend, and a man of great depth. With his light and fun aura he helped us to have a new insight at what we have and also at the best things yet to come. Most importantly, we were reminded to be thankful for today.

What we love the most about our show is that everything is real and improvised, all our guests experience live moments of honesty live on air, which is truly irreplaceable. Life is a real gift and each of us can be Santa, a magician and a miracle for people we love. So, here are some quotes from our guest Santa - Aramazt - Clause to humanity:

- Love is the ability to see and be seen by someone else.

- I am in love with my being in this world. It's the greatest sensation to be of service to humanity.

- Video chat? What's that? ))

- Live well now, because life is really short. No need to postpone joy. Do no harm and be as authentic to yourself as possible.

- What you request is your desire and your responsibility.

- Kids need seeds, water and light.

- The purpose of this show has been a sense of being home away from home. You are in your home wherever you are.

- Wherever I am, home is there.

We would like to thank all the people who have always been next to our show and behind the scenes - our sound support and goddess of music, Mary Soloyan, lord of SMM and video editing, Artashes Aghajanyan, sound support for special occasions, Artak Muradyan and of course our one and only Shushanik Arevshatyan.

"Live, love and improvise. Have a great holiday season. Truly yours, Inna and Rena."


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