В Дании открыли "самую гуманную" тюрьму в мире

2017-12-25 20:13 , Мир, 859

В Дании открыли

Недавно построенную недалеко от датского города Гундслев "самую гуманную" тюрьму в мире можно легко спутать с университетским кампусом, пишет Daily Mail.

The newly opened Storstrøm Prison - near the town of Gundslev, Denmark - has been created to feel like a university campus, with a minimalist Scandinavian look modelled on a traditional Danish village

Каждая камера оснащена холодильником, телевизором, шкафом, большим окном, удобной кроватью, письменным столом со светильником и личной ванной. Площадь одной камеры составляет порядка четырех квадратных метров. В пенитенциарном учреждении также есть просторные общие залы, кухни, где заключенные могут приготовить пищу, а также церковь, спортивная площадка и зал, сады и даже сельхозугодья.

Costing over £100million and taking five years to build, Storstrøm can hold 250 prisoners in its 40 square foot cells, which come with a fridge, 22-inch TV, long window and wardrobe. Pictured: One of the communal living spaces prisoners share near their cells

Как рассказывают создатели тюрьмы, они старались создать для заключенных условия, максимально приближенные к комфортным. По их задумке, это поспособствует снижению числа рецидивистов.

На постройку тюрьмы, в которой можно разместить до 250 заключенных, потратили около 160 миллионов долларов.

Inmates get a comfortable bed, desk with reading lamp, private bathroom and a share in communal kitchens where prisoners can make their own food. Pictured: The main building at night

The intention of the designers is to give the prisoners - most of whom are locked up for violent crime - as much of a normal, free life as possible in a bid to accustom them to life on the outside. Pictured: One of the spacious common rooms

Mads Mandrup, a designer at CF Møller Architects, said the jail was created to lower crime levels - something 'traditional, less humanistic prisons' fail to do. Pictured: One of the prison's sports areas

Mandrup explained: 'We truly believe, and evidently the statistics support us in this, that a hard and less-stimulating environment creates more re-offenders.' Pictured: An indoor sports area at the jail

During their downtime, the prisoners can wander about the campus - the size of 18 football fields - and enjoy study sessions, exercise, art classes or time praying. Pictured: The church

But Mandrup said it will take more than a well-designed prison to keep down re-offending rates, adding that it would be 'naive to think that architecture can achieve this alone'. Pictured: A basketball net outside the prison

Hundreds of CCTV cameras surround the isolated prison - which is also on an island - as well a 20-foot wall that goes around the complex (pictured)

Denmark's re-offending rate, however, is fairly low at 27 per cent - lower than the US's rate of around 43 per cent. Pictured: Streetlights show the way at the prison in Denmark

The 'most humane' maximum security prison in the world  is designed to lower re-offending rates. Pictured: The exterior of a building on the prison campus

Prisoners even benefit from sculptures in the recreation area of Storstrøm. Pictured: An inmate rubs his chin among five black statues

The prison comes with football pitches, running tracks and basketball nets among other spaces for sport. The hope is that the inmates will become accustomed to normal life and be less likely to re-offend when they are freed

Pictured: Two inmates enjoy some downtime near the basketball hoops outside one of the main buildings

The prison is surrounded by farmland, giving the inmates a bucolic view of the Danish countryside out of the large windows in their cells

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